About Us

Trending Station is all about honesty, transparency and due diligence in everything we report. We believe in reporting news and events with a clarity that speaks for itself. We do not spread fake news by ensuring that we offer a telescopic and microscopic view of everything we report on a day to day basis.

Journalism ethics are at our core because the publication has been started by journalists who have honest reporting at their hearts. Business goals aside, Trending Station is about values, social activism, and information sharing and seeking that would lead our entire society towards ethics based value system.

We have collaborated with major media networks, fact-checking services, academicians and business heads from around the world to bring in a mix of views that are unparalleled.

Trending Station caters to nearly half a million news seekers on a monthly basis from across the world. We have an extensive reach through organic searches and have been cited by many well-known media houses for breaking major local and national level news stories.

We are open to comments, appreciation, critical evaluation and anything that you as a reader deem fit to communicate to us. You can get in touch with us through our Contact Us page. You can know about our editors, contributors and authors on our team page.