ADVANCED FARMING MARKET to Remain Lucrative During 2016-2022

ADVANCED FARMING MARKET to Remain Lucrative During 2016-2022

Summary:The agriculture sector feeds around 7.5 billion people that require proper lands and fresh water. However, with the increasing pollution, the environment is changing and resulting in damage of crops and is leading to the change in the life cycle of plants and animals. Thus, one way to address this issue of agricultural production is to use sensing technology to make intelligent farms. Advanced farming is about utilisation of right technology to improve the cultivation regardless of using chemicals. The use of advanced farming will improve monitoring of crop health and animal, quality of the filed, improvement in soil (moisture and fertility), and yield production. It also helps in reducing wastage on the field and improves the efficiency of land and the crop.
The usage of technologies improves decision making process in agriculture. Escalating the demand of the food supply chain has mandated the utilisation of the agriculture resources. With this, the regulatory bodies have also started developing rural areas by setting up new infrastructure to ensure the benefits of the development in these areas.

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Infoholic analyst estimates the advanced farming market to witness a CAGR of 13.44% during the forecast period 2016–2022. Some of the players included in the report are Trimble Navigation, AGCO Corp., John Deere & Company, Raven Industries, and Agjunction Inc. The advanced farming market is segmented by technologies, applications, services, deployment, and regions. The reports also talks about the investment done in all the regions by private and public sector. In regions, Americas is expected to be the biggest market in terms of revenue contribution while Asia Pacific and the Middle East & Africa (MEA) are expected to expand the market in the upcoming years.
The study covers and analyses “Global Advanced Farming Market”. Bringing out the complete key insights of the industry, the report aims to provide an opportunity for players to understand the latest trends, current market scenario, government initiative and technologies related to the market. In addition, it will help the venture capitalist in understanding the companies better and take informed decisions.

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Since last few years, with the growing food requirement and climate change concerns, farmers across the globe have started utilizing the technology- and environment-friendly farming practices. Although this transition is mostly in the developed economies, it is expected that in the coming years, even the underdeveloped markets will adopt it.

The advanced farming technologies such as variable rate technology (VRT) and high precision positioning systems (HPS) help the farmers to take informed decisions such as when, how and where to harvest the crop and increase the yield. Most of these systems are interlinked with the farming management systems (FMS). These technologies also help the farmers to track and monitor the animal health. Since past two to three years, the cloud based FMS has started penetrating into the advanced farming market. With the help of these systems, the farmer is able to track and monitor the farm activities from remote locations at any time from his desktop or from a mobile device. For example, if there is some variation in the animal health, the farmer will receive an alert message. These cloud based systems at present are popular in North America, Western Europe, and Australia.

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There are various factors driving the advanced farming market such as government and United Nation’s (UN) support, growing food requirement, and need for the water management systems. But, one of the key factors impacting the growth of the market is the high initial investments. Farmers are bit reluctant in adopting these technologies specifically in underdeveloped countries such as in Africa.
Americas US  Canada  Brazil  Mexico
Asia Pacific (APAC) India  China  Australia  Japan 
Middle East & Africa (MEA) South Africa  The Gulf Corporation Council (GCC)
Technologies:Variable-rate Technology (VRT)High Precision Positioning SystemsAutomated Steering SystemsRemote SensingIntegrated Electronic Communication
Applications: Fleet ManagementLivestock FarmingForest FarmingAqua FarmingHorticulture
Services:Integration ServicesMaintenance ServicesTraining & Consulting
Deployment Model: CloudLocal
Key Players:Trimble NavigationAGCO Corp.Deere & CompanyRaven IndustriesAgJunctionCisco SystemsIBM Corp.Microsoft Corp. Intel CorporationSmart Fertilizer ManagementBlue River TechnologyGrowing SmartThingWorx