Check Out: How Does $1 Million Worth Of Mushrooms Look Like?

Check Out: How Does $1 Million Worth Of Mushrooms Look Like?

A California couple’s feud lately led to local police to their six-determine stash of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Last month, the Berkeley Police Twitter profile posted pitchers of close to 700 pounds of mushrooms they found out even as responding to a home disturbance call. The stash has a complete estimated street value of at least $1 million.

Officers knocked on the door of the house and grew to be suspicious when the couple would now not reply.

“After a short while, the 2 exited the apartment and had been detained. Officers then entered the house to appear for extra victims, suspects or occupants,” a Berkeley Police statement defined.

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$1 Million Worth Of Mushrooms

“They found out a large-scale psychedelic mushroom processing operation. In simple view had been psilocybin mushrooms in more than a few phases as good as storage and distribution substances.”

At the scene, a 35-year-historical man and a 37-yr-old woman had been arrested on suspicion of possessing the unlawful narcotics. Police also confiscated a sum of $3,000 in money.

Due to the presence of psilocybin, ‘magic mushrooms’ are unlawful within the state of California. The chemical is regarded a schedule 1 controlled substances the equal that entails heroin and cocaine.